LS24: Training & Creation Studio

Online Training Program, Launching 2018

Luxury Selling 24 is an innovative training package for businesses. Train staff efficiently and better, beyond expectations. 24 hours of live training appointments, insightful videos, interactive activities, analysis of customer relations and in depth explanation in Luxury Selling techniques with Francis Srun.

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LS24 is also a creation studio!

We have our own creation studio
We are equipped with the latest IT and eLearning technology
We adapt nicely to brand’s requirements
We create with Brands.
We generate selling competence.

From Francis Srun

French Citizen,
MBA, French Business School KEDGE (Bordeaux), Trilingual (French, English, Chinese)
Swiss Federal Professional Trainer (FSEA, training, coaching and training engineering)
Luxury Retail Management Executive (notably International Retail Director of Piaget and Asia pacific Director for Boucheron)
Conference speaker in Luxury Customer Relation (notably Paris, Salon du Luxe)
Luxury School Guest professor (Paris, Hong Kong)

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“Luxury Selling”

Palgrave Macmillan, London, Published 2017

Lessons from the world of Luxury in selling high quality goods and services to high value clients. Selling high quality goods and services requires competencies. Luxury Selling is not only about selling Luxury creations but all products and services that require a real decision process. Proudly published with Palgrave, a world-class educational book institution.

Available at ​| Springer | Palgrave
“Vendre Le Luxe”

Eyrolles, Paris, Published 2013

Co-Author with Rene Moulinier (author of bestseller “Les techniques de la vente”), Vendre Le Luxe is the first book ever written in French about Luxury customers’ psychology and selling techniques. “I wanted to write this book simply because I have so many things to share ! It’s an invitation to another way to sell: using persuasion, with elegance. I was very happy to partner with Rene, who has written more than 25 books and we are very proud to be published by Eyrolles, the French education books authority. A second edition has being published in 2016.

Available at | fnac | Eyrolles